Welcome to A Stylish Exit, where your journey to self-discovery and empowerment begins. My mission is to help you rediscover your authentic self and boost your confidence. both in and out of relationships, through the transformative power of astrology and personal style. Whether you want to navigate the modern dating world or align your life with the stars, you're in the right place.

When they say it is written in the stars… it truly is. Using my knowledge of astrology, I will guide you on a deep dive into your soul by analyzing your birth chart. This is an eye-opening process as it reveals who you are at your core where you’ve been, and more importantly where you are going.



Now is the perfect time to rediscover yourself and boost your confidence. The quickest way to do that is to LOVE yourself completely. I will guide you through the inner work and you will begin the journey back to you. You are amazing, talented, smart, and worthy of everything your heart desires.


Whether you need a complete style makeover or would like a few style suggestions to get you back on track, I got you! We will work together to ensure that your style aligns with the woman you are becoming and the life you are creating.

It's ok to let go of the version of yourself you created to survive.



Navigate the dating world with confidence and clarity. I'll use intuitive guidance and astrology to help you understand your unique relationship patterns, overcome dating challenges, and attract meaningful connections. Together, we'll work on building self-love and a confident dating persona that truly reflects who you are.

Benefits: Gain deeper insights into your relationship patterns, enhance your dating confidence, and attract relationships aligned with your true self.


Combine the wisdom of astrology with style to unlock your true potential. By understanding your astrological profile, I can tailor fashion and life choices that resonate with your soul, enhancing your confidence and helping you shine from the inside out.

Benefits: Align your style and life decisions with your astrological strengths, gain deeper self-awareness, and use the stars as a guide to empower your personal transformation and relationship success.


I feel so lucky to have found Nicole. Her guidance from relationship needs based on your astrological chart to style advice and navigating the dating apps was exactly what I needed after going through a divorce and trying to get back out there. Dating apps are completely new to me and she made them much less intimidating and even assisted in getting my profile set up. If you are starting over with dating and fortunate enough to come across Nicole it is definitely a sign! Go for it because you will not be disappointed.

Jen B.

Nicole has been an amazing coach to me. Not only did she help guide me in analyzing certain aspects of my birth chart and discuss my shadow side with me in detail. She provided great advice, direction, and prompts for putting myself out there in the dating scene. I now believe in myself and have the confidence to give dating apps a chance. Thank you for everything. Nicole.

Sandrine S.

Working with Nicole on my birth chart reading was an eye-opening experience. She was very thorough in her analysis and was able to communicate her expert findings in a clear and concise manner. I am now able to use the insights she provided to aid me in understanding what comes naturally to me in addition to tackling the challenges that are in my way. I highly recommend Nicole's services!

Batul S.

I opened the app thanks to Nicole and now I’m planning my wedding. It was not hard at all after listening to Nicole. Like anything new, the more you know the more confident you will be. The secret to finding the love of your life I would say: You need to know your worth, what exactly you want and a few tricks to look amazing. Nicole is amazing at all of this with an added bonus of what is in the stars for you.

Ana L.


Not sure about the next steps to take? Let's talk about it. So, we'll be able to decide together which is the best way to move forward.



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